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The Ultimate Vegas Experience

Located at the heart of the Vegas Strip, RIO LAS VEGASis indeed one of the top choices when it comes to Vegas accommodations. Owned and maintained by one of the leading public gaming entities in the United States – Caesars Entertainment Inc. – Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino was the pioneering Las Vegas resort under the all-suite hotel category. It was inspired by the colorful and flavorful city of Rio de Janeiro hence its name. Moreover, the Rio perfectly captures the fun and dynamic Brazilian culture therefore visitors are treated to a kind of experience amplified by all things dazzling, exciting, and beautiful.

Benefits of a Rio Hotel

Perfect Location. There are many Las Vegas hotels and the best are said to be found right in the middle of the busy Vegas Strip. The Rio is one of such establishments. In fact it is considered one of the first business entities that had given the strip the life it has now. There are various advantages of staying in a hotel found at the Vegas Strip. First and foremost, all the most popular Vegas attractions and sites are made more accessible for you. Also this is the street in which you could enjoy your Vegas vacation to the fullest. It is where all the sounds and the sights happen and staying at The Rio allows you to make the most out of these mind-blowing delights.

Accommodating Staff. The Rio takes pride in its staff comprised of highly trained individuals who are more than ready to be of service to clients. The Rio staff work with passion and vigor hence visitors are assured to have the most rewarding stay. Friendliness is one of the top priorities of the men and women behind RIO LAS VEGAS hotel and this friendliness is extended to all types of visitors. The Rio staff is aware that a traveler’s level of satisfaction is not only grounded on the attractions and sights they would be able to experience but moreover, on the people that they would meet along the way. With this The Rio makes it a point that each person directly connected to the business has that essential congeniality level to adequately welcome tourists.


Prompt Service. It is not enough to be located at the best spot in town, or have the friendliest of staff. Another equally important factor is in terms of service promptness. No matter what the weather in Las Vegas or the current global financial situation is, The Rio maintains a platinum service that never fails. Regardless of all situations, the hotel makes it a point to provide fast and easy service to its clients. The working staff at The Rio acknowledges that all guests have specific needs and requirements and they gladly take the duty and responsibility to provide for all of these.

Attractions and Amenities. Last but surely not the least, RIO LAS VEGAS takes pride in the attractions and amenities it has to offer to its clients. Just within the establishment, there are various delights ready for visitors’ consumption and enjoyment. In terms of attractions, The Rio consistently delivers the most rewarding gaming experiences as well as world class entertainment productions such as concerts, magic shows, musicals, sporting tournaments, and many others. And when it comes to amenities, The Rio is equipped with the latest and most cutting edge hotel features to best satisfy the varying preferences of its clients.

Things to Look Forward to on Your Rio Hotel Stay
Restaurants. Most hotels in Vegas house several restaurants and The Rio is no exception. Within the premise of this hotel, visitors could have several options in terms of what dining experience they would prefer. Presently, the most noteworthy of Rio dining areas include the All-American Bar and Grille, Café Martorano, KJ Dim Sum & Seafood Restaurant, Sao Paulo Café, The Village Seafood Buffet, Starbucks, Wetzel’s Pretzels, Buzios, Carnival World Buffet, Mah Jong, Sports Deli, Voodoo Steak and Lounge, and the Whooper Bar. Having all these options, visitors could easily shift from one cuisine to another, and even from fine dining to fast food.

Entertainment. If you are into all sorts of shows and events, RIO LAS VEGAS also has a lot in store for you. The Rio consistently brings the best acts from all sides of the world to entertain its guests and clients. Some of the must-see Rio show offers include Penn & Teller, Masquerade Show in The Sky, Cornell Gunter’s Coasters and the Marvelettes, King’s Comedy Club, and even the Chippendales. All these events cater to a specific taste and preference therefore whatever it is that makes you gush or swoon, The Rio could definitely deliver. If you are adventurous enough, you could even opt to experience all aforementioned entertainment options.

Nightlife. One’s Las vegas experience is never complete without the quintessential Sin City nightlife. That said you must not miss The Rio’s world renowned night spots such as the Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub, Flirt Lounge, and the I-Bar. Here you would enjoy various musical genres, satisfying cocktail drinks, and sumptuous food platters.

Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino



Rooms :

Hotel Features. RIO LAS VEGAS has everything a vacationer needs. From comfortable rooms with internet access, swimming pool, RV park and many others, The Rio is truly well-equipped when it comes to hotel features and amenities. The best part of this is that these features and amenities are properly maintained and consistently updated hence visitors are sure to get nothing less than the best and most functional hotel rewards.

There are a considerable number of hotels in Las Vegas and as a visitor, you must adequately choose which one to check in to. After all, an unrewarding hotel experience could potentially affect your Vegas holiday experience. The Rio is one of those choices which you could never go wrong with. This hotel has unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and makes sure to provide clients with the kind of Vegas stay they would remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. RIO LAS VEGAS is your home away from home, only ten times bigger and brighter.

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